Tuesday July 16 , 2019

As a composer

Alphons is one of most sought after music directors of the Malayalam Film industry. The creativity and uniqueness in his music, his colourful compositions and the beauty of his melodies takes you to a whole new world of music, a fact that has been clearly manifested by the top playback singers, who have sung to his tunes. They include - Yesudas, P Jayachandran, MG Sreekumar, Hariharan, G Venugopal, Sujatha, Chitra and Shankar Mahadevan.

Alphons has composed music and given life to many songs written by famous lyricists including Kaithapram, Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma and Shibu Chakravarthy. Along with transforming words into evergreen compositions in films, he has also set the pace and tone of the films through his creative background scores and orchestration. His music compositions bring in a lot of freshness to the songs and one can clearly understand that he has put his heart and soul to them.

Alphons has served the film industry as a music director for the following films:

•    Payyans (2011)
•    Elektra (2010)
•    Cocktail (2010)
•    Aathmakatha (2010)
•    Aayudham (2008)
•    Pachamarathanalil (2008)
•    Black Cat (2007)
•    Big B (2007)
•    Athishayan (2007)
•    Iruvattam Manavatti (2005)
•    Jalolsavam (2004)
•    Manjupoloru Penkutti (2004)
•    Vellithira (2003)

He composed the background score for the movie, Makalkku (2005). He aso composed the Kerala State version of the 2010 Commonwealth Games Theme song.


2011 is a year that is going to bring a lot of music out of Alphons as he has a good number of upcoming projects lined out.